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Colin Cowherd Lists NFL Quarterbacks He Would Rather Have than Dak Prescott

Colin Cowherd: “Dak Prescott wants to get paid like Russell Wilson or more, so let’s lay it out there. Who would I take Dak over and not over, in ‘Dis or Dak?’”

Russell Wilson or Dak?

“Russell Wilson leads the NFL with a 100 touchdown passes the last 3 years and Tom Brady is second with 15 fewer. Not close.” – Russell Wilson

Jared Goff or Dak?

“Jared Goff was a number one pick for a reason. Goff throws a beautiful football and is Matt Ryan with a better arm. Jared Goff, easily.” – Jared Goff

Jimmy Garoppolo or Dak?

“Closer but Garoppolo throws a better football. Garoppolo was the highest quarterback Bill Belichick ever drafted and he was willing to bail on Brady for Garoppolo.” – Jimmy Garoppolo

Derek Carr or Dak?

“There is a kind of alpha to Dak that I like. It’s close but probably Dak. Dak has a little ‘it’ factor with his leadership style. I’m not anti-Derek Carr though, I think he throws a really nice ball.” – Dak Prescott

Patrick Mahomes or Dak?

“Patrick Mahomes throwing left-handed or Dak??” –Patrick Mahomes

Matt Ryan or Dak?

“Matt Ryan. I think he’s about the ninth or tenth best quarterback in the league. He throws a beautiful ball, he’s accurate, he’s good pre-snap, and he doesn’t get hurt. I don’t think he has a huge arm but he’s a much more accurate thrower of the football than Dak.” – Matt Ryan

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