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Colin Cowherd Grades Every NFL Quarterback Signing in 2020 Offseason

Tennessee Titans v Carolina Panthers

(Full Video Below) Listen to Colin Cowherd hand out grades for every NFL quarterback transaction this offseason, as 2020 yielded perhaps the greatest field of QB free agents in league history.

Does Tom Brady make the Buccaneers a legitimate Super Bowl favorite in Tampa Bay?

Does Philip Rivers’ presence make the Colts a dangerous threat in the AFC once again?

Is Ryan Tannehill finally a top 10 NFL quarterback or was 2019 simply a fluke?

Is Teddy Bridgewater a part of a Panthers rebuild or simply a stopgap?

Will Jameis Winston be the quarterback of the future in New Orleans when Drew Brees retires?

Will Cam Newton quickly overtake Jarrett Stidham for the starting job in New England?

How long will Derek Carr keep his job over Marcus Mariota in Las Vegas?

Did the Bears acquire Nick Foles just to invigorate Mitch Trubisky or did the move signal the end of Trubisky's career on the Bears?

Are the Cowboys going to continue to playing ‘hide and go seek’ with Dak Prescott, or do they consider him their franchise QB of the future?

Check out the FULL video below

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