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Top 10 NBA Players With the Most Pressure to Perform this Postseason

Milwaukee Bucks v Los Angeles Lakers

Colin Cowherd’s Top 10 NBA Players With the Most Pressure to Perform this Postseason.

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10. Ben Simmons

“The 76ers are seen as talented and underachieving and Simmons is viewed as their second best player. He just signed a contract, but there is a sense that he is just as much a problem as Embiid is. Simmons needs to have a good playoff, and I’m wondering if he’s always focused. I’m not always sure he is so I want to see him deliver.”

9. Kemba Walker

“Less pressure but this is a title team. He’s never won a playoff series and he just signed a massive contract – 4 years, $140 million. It’s not massive pressure, and we know he’s talented, but you gotta win in the postseason, especially in Boston."

8. LeBron James

“The pressure for LeBron is simply that the window is closing on titles. We know he’s the second best or first best player ever, it’s not that. It’s self-induced, it’s LeBron saying ‘I’m in my 17th year, we don’t have a lot of cap space, and this could be my best shot.’”

7. Joel Embiid

“He is the best player on Philadelphia in the eyes of most. There is a sense that if you’re the best player, you set the tempo of the locker room, and the locker room in Philadelphia is that Simmons and Embiid don’t get along. He’s not always focused, always goofy, and kind of a kid, but uber-talented. The pressure is more on Embiid than Simmons.”

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