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Jason Whitlock and Clay Travis Blast 'Cancel Culture' Epidemic in Sports

Listen to Clay Travis and Jason Whitlock discuss the ‘cancel culture’ phenomenon sweeping across the United States at the moment, as hostile race relations in the US the past few months have created a tense and ominous mob mentality of groups trying to censure and eradicate any individual, assemblage, or idea that they deem 'offensive'.

What has occurred since George Floyd’s death has been a non-stop onslaught of ‘gotcha’ journalism that has some individuals literally scouring through decade-old tweet archives of every man or woman in society with even a miniscule trace of fame trying to ‘expose’ the person as being ‘racist’, ‘xenophobic’, ‘misogynistic’, etc.

The mob finally made its way to the namesake of the Washington Redskins this month, as social activist groups have been reinvigorated in their attempt to get the name changed, and perhaps for the first time ever have the majority of the American public on their side.

Derision towards the Redskins team name has always been present for decades, but always seems to go into remission every few years when team owner Dan Snyder disputes the etymology of the moniker, and then says he has the blessings of the Native American community as a way to honor their history. Snyder has also made promises publicly that he’s never going to change the name.

However, finally there has been immense financial vices squeezing around Snyder, as some of the largest, and power influential sponsors in the world are starting yank their lucrative deals with the Redskins unless they change the name ASAP.

Check out the audio above as Clay and Whitlock discuss why it’s not always a great precedent to set by simply giving into a politically correct mob who will simply move onto another host after they claim victory.

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