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Dodgers Should Be Happy that David Price is Sitting Out 2020 Season

Los Angeles Dodgers Introduce Mookie Betts and David Price
Ben Maller: “The Dodgers shouldn’t be upset about David Price, they should be HAPPY that Price is giving up on the season… He’s not a guy the Dodgers even wanted, let’s just call it like it is here. Price was the bounty that the Dodgers had to pay to get Mookie Betts, so they were willing to take Price on… Price’s decision was a net-positive… This is going to have no bearing on what the Dodgers do in 2020… This is what is known as ‘ADDITION BY SUBTRACTION.’ He’s a malcontent, he habitually complains, and infects a negative attitude on whatever team he plays on.” (Full Rant at Bottom of Page)

Listen to Ben Maller explain why he thinks the Los Angeles Dodgers should actually be ‘happy’ that former Cy Young winner David Price will be sitting out the entire 2020 MLB season because of health and safety concerns for his family amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Check out the video below as Maller details why losing Price was ‘addition by subtraction’ for a Dodgers team who Maller doesn’t even think wanted in the first place.

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