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Why Cam Newton Will Be Released By the Patriots Before Week 1

Carolina Panthers v New England Patriots
Ben Maller: “There is no guarantee that this goes past training camp. Cam Newton essentially signed on July 1st and this could be over by the end of August. I’m giving it a 40% chance that this does not end up in harmony between Cam and the Patriots and they say ‘buh-bye, we’re getting rid of you’ and they’ll kick his a** out and he will not be the starting quarterback. It’s either his way or the highway, meaning if Cam Newton is not the starter, he is not going to be the cabana boy for Jarrett Stidham. They’re not going to consummate the relationship with him as the starter, and then he’s going to get released. I’m giving it a 40% chance that he doesn’t even make the roster and he’s going to get released at the end of training camp, and a 60% chance that he starts… He had no other options, and it’s pretty obvious all those rumors that popped up from time to time about ‘Team X’ being interested in Cam Newton was a bunch of poppycock. He didn’t have any other avenue to go down.” (Full Video Below)

Listen to Ben Maller explain why not only does he think it’s a no guarantee that Cam Newton will start in New England over Jarrett Stidham next season, but why he thinks there’s a good chance that Newton is cut even before Week 1.

Check out the full video below.

Why Cam Newton Will Fail With the New England Patriots

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