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Why Cam Newton Will Fail With the New England Patriots

Carolina Panthers v New England Patriots
Clay Travis: “Ever since the Super Bowl loss, Cam Newton has been a less efficient and less effective version of Tyrod Taylor, and Tyrod Taylor is not anybody’s idea of a quarterback you want leading your franchise. Taylor is not a bad player, he's just an average player in the NFL at best. Taylor has outperformed Newton since the Super Bowl. You can look at the overall offensive skill position talent and say N’Keal Harry is a rare Patriots miss on the offensive side of the ball at wide receiver, the Falcons saw Mohamed Sanu’s deficiencies. We know Julian Edelman has been injured and aging. He’s 34, had a lot of drops last year, and couldn’t stay healthy. Newton is not a guy who makes really quick reads, and that’s been a problem for him throughout his career, and one of the criticisms that Steve Smith levied against him, especially in ‘goal to go’ situations. He relies too much on his legs and he’s going to be 31 and can't take hits anymore. He’s not going to fit very well in Josh McDaniels’ system, and there is not going to be a lot of talent at tight end, and no security blanket for him like Greg Olsen. He’s got a much lesser talent than Christian McCaffrey in Sony Michel, and that defense is aging and not able to win games anymore.” (Full Audio Below)

Listen to Clay Travis explain the biggest reasons why Cam Newton will ultimately fail as a member of the New England Patriots, as the six-time Super Bowl champions shockingly signed the former MVP who is still just 30 years old, but a player that many fear is potentially washed up.

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