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Colin Cowherd: Stop Hyping Up a Past His Prime Cam Newton With the Patriots

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Carolina Panthers
Colin Cowherd: “There is this big gap of what the media thinks of Cam and what the NFL and the betting markets think of Cam. I saw a story this morning saying ‘Cam Newton joining the Patriots has similarities to Randy Moss in ’07.’ Slooooow down. They have hailed his success when he hasn’t even had a practice yet. I’m reading this morning that we will have no OTA’s and the preseason is down to two games and may even get eliminated. So Cam in New England is going to have no preseason, no OTAs, never taken a snap, and is playing against an improving division. That’s Randy Moss?? Moss was still in his prime, did not have a litany of injuries, and his talents had been buried by the incredibly poorly run Raiders. Cam Newton is not in his prime, Cam has had injuries, and Cam wasn’t ‘buried’ in Carolina – it was at least a reasonably run organization. Randy Moss is the greatest wide receiver talent of his lifetime. Jerry Rice had the better numbers, but Moss is the most talented receiver in NFL history. Cam wasn’t even the most talented quarterback in his division, that was Drew Brees. Let’s SLOW DOWN.” (Full Video Below)

Listen to Colin Cowherd refute a recent article that compared Randy Moss’ arrival in New England in 2007, with Cam Newton’s exodus to the Patriots in 2020, as Colin doesn’t believe Newton and Moss are remotely similar in terms of their playing abilities.

Check out the video below as Colin details why Moss was a much more capable phenom still in the prime of his career, whereas Newton was a degrading enigma still trying to come back from potentially career-ending injuries.

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