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Jason Whitlock: Social Justice Slogans On the Back of NBA Jerseys is a Joke

Jason Whitlock: “If you understand Cuba and Fidel Castro and the use of empty slogans and how they offered the people slogans instead of solutions, opportunities, and freedom -- That’s what is being instituted in what they call themselves the ‘Most Progressive Sports League in America.’ They’re adopting the tactics of Fidel Castro and Cuba… It’s just empty slogans and it’s gestures, instead of anything real and tangible. The working class man who has been laid off and unemployed during this pandemic – 40 odd million Americans, you’re being offered slogans rather than a way to provide for yourself. That’s my problem with the NBA, that’s my problem with LeBron James – these tactics actually help the elite and leave the working class, man or woman, with a slogan to fill their stomach with, a slogan to pay their rent, and a slogan to provide for their kids. It’s a mistake, it’s a joke, and it’s a gesture.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Jason Whitlock explain to Clay Travis why he thinks the NBA’s idea to give players the options to include slogans related to racial injustice and inequality on the backs of their jerseys is a bad idea, and one that is simply providing generic marketing slogans without any real substance.

Check out the video above as Whitlock details why tens of millions of Americans currently unemployed by the coronavirus pandemic aren’t going to feed their families and pay their rent with empty slogans.

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