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Stop Saying Patrick Mahomes Will Win as Many Rings as Michael Jordan

Joy Taylor: “How many more Super Bowls will Patrick Mahomes win the next 12 seasons?”
Colin Cowherd: “Fox Bet has an OVER/UNDER of 1.5 and I’ll take one. I think we forget how hard it is and Andy Reid is 62. What if he does four more years and says I’m 66 and I’m DONE. Eli Manning has two and Dan Marino has one. It makes no sense. Only four quarterbacks have more than two Super Bowls – Brady, Montana, Bradshaw, and Aikman. Brady had the best coach, Montana had the second best coach, I’d argue that Aikman had the third best coach in NFL history, and Bradshaw had the best defense. You need a lot of HELP. You were banging on Andy Reid about clock management last year and now you’re acting like he’s gonna win 9 Super Bowls. People were comparing Mahomes to MJ. SLOW DOWN. He’s not going to be MJ. There is one MJ, and there is one Tiger.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why he thinks Patrick Mahomes is only going to win one more Super Bowl the rest of his career, as Colin details why he’s tired of members of the sports media already predicting a Michael Jordan-esque career in terms of championships for Mahomes, when the most talented NFL quarterbacks of their generations haven’t always won the most rings.

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