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Jason Whitlock: NBA is Embracing Anti-American Sentiment to Satisfy China

Clay Travis: “There will be ‘Black Lives Matter’ written on the basketball court. I understand it’s just being played in Orlando right now, but once you do this can you take it off the basketball court next year?”
Jason Whitlock: “This speaks to how unimportant the American market is to the NBA. Everything the NBA does -- in my view I look at through the lense of ‘How does it help their relationship with China?’ ‘How does it help Nike’s relationship with China?’ I think these slogans and symbols will carry on into next season, and if not on the court, it will be somewhere on the back of the basket, or backboard. It’s all a little anti-American sentiment that they’re lacing into the NBA because THAT’S what communist-run China prefers. It’s a form of propaganda against America that has been the tradition of communist countries for more than a century. It’s how they have always smeared the West – we’re ‘racist’. Meanwhile, they’re the real racists, they don’t have a melting pot, they don’t have the diversity that we have, and black people and Latino people don’t prosper in Russia and in China, or any of these other places. But smear America through American sports and through the NBA? Great play in China, but I think it’s bad business here in America. The WOKE crowd will love it, and they love slogans and gestures. Those who love providing for yourself and your family? Good luck.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Jason Whitlock explain to Clay Travis why he thinks the NBA coming up with marketing ideas the likes of writing social justice and equality slogans on the backs of jerseys and on the courts and baskets of NBA arenas has more to do with spreading Anti-American sentiment to satisfy the marketplace in China, than it does to actually providing tangible solutions to reeling communities.

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