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When Will NFL Players Condemn Desean Jackson's Anti-Semitic Instagram Post?

Clay Travis: “If you are obsessed, as NFL players claim to be, with making the world a better place through the Players Coalition with condemning hate and racism everywhere you see it, how in the world has the Players Coalition not condemned Desean Jackson’s comments?... The Players Coalition is apparently focused on trying to end hate and racism, but really it seems like all they wanna do is rip white people when they say things inappropriate. Why has the NFL Players Coalition not said a single word about Desean Jackson’s Instagram post? Malcolm Jenkins went on Instagram crying when Drew Brees said he was gonna stand for the National Anthem because he thought kneeling was disrespectful to the flag… You can agree or disagree with Drew Brees but Malcolm Jenkins immediately posts an Instagram video crying over another man’s opinion about the National Anthem and the media immediately grabs it, runs with it, and it’s a huge story. What has the Players Association said about Desean Jackson’s anti-Semitic comments? Not one single word… Shouldn’t the players be in the business of condemning racism and hate wherever it occurs, even if a black man is responsible for it as opposed to just waiting for a white person to blame? I don’t believe in ‘Cancel Culture’ and I don’t think Desean Jackson should lose his job because he said something insanely stupid, but the standard of Desean Jackson should be the same whether he’s black, white, Asian, or Hispanic. Precedents matter. The way to end racism is by not treating people differently, it’s by treating everyone the exact same… If this was a Jewish person saying something negative about black people, the Players Coalition would be up in arms and losing their mind.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Clay Travis explain why he thinks it's shocking that the NFL Players Coalition, a group founded in 2017 to ‘end social injustices and racial inequality’ hasn’t said a peep about Desean Jackson’s alarmingly anti-semitic post that he shared on Instagram earlier this week.

Clay says it's a telling double-standard exposing the Players Coalition for only publicly condemn an event or action if it involves a black person as the victim, while never going out of their way to defend another race or religion.

Check out the video above as Clay details why it's absurd that Malcolm Jenkins will take to Instagram to literally cry moments after Drew Brees said he thought kneeling for the National Anthem was disrespected, but then goes radio silent when another player makes a statement that actually included a real message of hate and prejudice.

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