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Vegas Oddsmakers Giving LeBron James Almost Zero Chance to Win NBA MVP

Vegas Oddsmakers Giving LeBron James Almost Zero Chance to Win NBA MVP

RJ Bell: “We have the MVP odds and this HURTS LeBron’s chances big time. Before COVID and before the break LeBron was gaining -- he was like Man o’ War the horse coming on strong. But now if he doesn’t have these 8 games, I think his chances go way down. Giannis was '$25 wins you a dollar', so he was a big favorite a couple days ago, but now it’s '$50 to win you a dollar', so it’s almost like this thing is locked up. If you think Giannis is going to win, you bet $100 and only win 2 dollars, and the amount you have to lay has doubled just in the last 24 hours.” (Full Audio Above)

Listen to RJ Bell explain why LeBron James’ chances of winning the NBA’s MVP have been destroyed in the last 48 hours as the league said that the regular season is effectively over, and that there will only be 8 unrecorded games left to play to determine seeding.

Teams had played approximately 64-66 games out of 82, with 16-18 games still to play, but the NBA has said that the final 8 games will not count towards individual statistics, nor will factor in MVP and Rookie of the Year awards.

Check out the audio above as RJ Bell details why the Vegas sportsbooks have drastically shrunk LeBron’s chances at winning the MVP.

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