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The NFL is Treating Antonio Brown Unfairly

The NFL is Treating Antonio Brown Unfairly
George Wrighster: “I am 100,000% in agreement with Antonio Brown on this. He could not be any more right, and he said it eloquently. He didn’t ask for a positive resolution for himself, he just asked for a resolution. The fact that the NFL has held this man in professional purgatory for a year is insane. They’re not investigating Watergate and they aren’t investigating high crimes by some political person. You are not an investigative arm and an adjudication entity like a police force, or a court, or a judge. The fact that you don’t have a resolution is completely wrong. We can argue about what the resolution is after it comes, but just to leave him in limbo? That means teams can’t sign him even if they want to, but they don’t know what the outcome is. The fact that they won't do it is completely bush league.” (Full Audio Above)

Listen to George Wrighster and Dan Beyer (guest-hosting for Doug Gottlieb) explain why they think Antonio Brown is getting a raw deal from the NFL with their ‘Silent Treatment’ on Brown’s standing with the league, as NFL teams potentially inquiring into Brown’s services are hesitant to acquire a player who may or may not be suspended.

Brown even took to his Instagram over the weekend calling out the NFL for failing to give him a resolution despite Brown claiming to have gone through all the steps that were required from the league.

Check out the audio above as Wrighster explains why it’s ‘bush league’ that the NFL is literally ignoring Brown, and refusing to give him an answer.

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