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Clay Travis Blasts the NFL For Allowing Anti-Police Helmet Decals

Clay Travis Blasts the NFL For Allowing 'Black Lives Matter' Helmet Decals
Clay Travis: “This is a mess and the NFL is making a really bad decision if they’re only going to allow helmet decals for people who have been killed by police. This is a change in precedent for the NFL. A few years ago the NFL would not allow Jason Witten or his Cowboys teammates to wear a helmet decal honoring the Dallas police after 5 Dallas police officers were murdered by a crazy ‘Black Lives Matter’ activist. Now they’re reportedly going to allow names of police victims to be placed on helmets? What about all the police officers that are getting killed in the line of duty? What about all the police officers that were killed by protestors and rioters? What about how this flies in the face of the precedent that the NFL shot down when Witten wanted to honor police in Dallas? The NFL also wouldn’t allow Tim Tebow to put Bible verses on his eye black, which was in no way controversial… The NFL doesn’t allow that, but they’re going to allow ‘Black Lives Matter’ activism on NFL uniforms? This is a bad move. The NFL is trending towards where the NBA is, which is turning hypocritical as an organization. If you’re going to allow political statements to be made on uniforms, then you better allow all players to put whatever names, or whatever individuals have been killed out there at all, and you better not be content discriminating, and only allowing police victims of misconduct to be put on uniforms.” (Full Segment Above)

Listen to Clay Travis explain why he thinks it’s a bad idea for the NFL to allow players to wear social justice helmet decals revealing the names of individuals who have been killed by police officers, when they have always set a precedent against using political slogans on uniforms – including Jason Witten being told he couldn’t wear a decal memorializing five Dallas police officers murdered by a black nationalist, and Tim Tebow being told he couldn’t wear eye black patches with Bible verses written on them.

Check out the audio above as Clay warns the NFL when it comes to allowing certain statements to be made, and banning others.

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