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Antonio Brown Deserves Better Treatment From the NFL

Why Antonio Brown Deserves Better Treatment From the NFL
Jason Smith: “The one thing I will give Antonio Brown is that the NFL owes him a decision. The NFL has decided that Antonio Brown is a bad headline, hasn’t solved all his legal issues yet, and they’re treating him like a guy who is not in the NFL. Now he’s trying to get back in and teams are calling the NFL saying ‘what’s going to happen if we sign Antonio Brown?’ and the NFL says ‘we don’t know.’ Then Antonio Brown says ‘what’s going to happen if I sign?’ and the NFL says ‘I don’t know.’ Meanwhile, teams aren’t going to sign Antonio Brown because they’re thinking if they do, THEN the NFL is going to investigate him and they’ll put him on the Exempt List, and then that team is gonna say ‘WHY DID WE SIGN THIS GUY?’ Teams have no idea if he’s going to be allowed back in or not. The NFL is trying to deal with Antonio Brown by NOT dealing with him and that’s not right. He needs to be told what his situation is.” (Full Audio Above)

Listen to Jason Smith explain why he actually thinks embattled and disgraced for All-Pro wide receiver Antonio Brown deserves better from the NFL when it comes to his potential reinstatement, as Brown even took to Instagram over the weekend to blast the league for failing to update him on his status coming back to football, as Brown is seemingly trying desperately to make amends with his former company.

Check out the audio above as Jason details why you can’t help but feel sorry for Brown, who appears to be bettering himself and completing all the steps towards becoming an active player again, yet the league doesn’t seem to be acknowledging his reinstatement process, and in the process have hurt his ability to be signed from inquiring teams who have no idea if Brown will be punished or not.

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