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The Only Five NFL Head Coaches Who Trust Their Quarterback

Colin Cowherd: “I like Jimmy Garoppolo more than most of you. I don’t think he’s Mahomes, but I think he’s really good. But when you argue against me on that, the one thing that you have that I can’t argue out of is that Kyle Shanahan basically took the ball out of his hands during the playoffs multiple times and literally said ‘we’re not throwing to you’… There are a lot of winning teams, and playoff teams where I don’t feel the coach totally trusts the player. I think Sean McDermott likes Josh Allen, but I think he takes the ball out of his hands in key spots and thinks he’s gonna win with defense. Matt Nagy does not trust Trubisky, Gruden doesn’t totally trust Derek Carr, Mike Zimmer doesn’t trust Kirk Cousins at all times, and Mike Vrabel clearly didn’t trust Ryan Tannehill with the ball in the playoffs – these are winning teams. You even look at Pete Carroll and Russell Wilson. Why are they so run-centric? Why doesn’t Russell have a bigger say in the offense? He’s the second best quarterback in the league and that doesn’t feel like trust to me. I watched the Packers draft and they took a blocking tight end, a running back, 3 interior offensive linemen, and a quarterback. Feels like they’re pulling the ball out of Aaron Rodgers’ hands and not putting it IN Rodgers’ hands.”

Listen to Colin Cowherd list the ONLY five head coaches that totally trust their quarterback.

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