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Jason Whitlock & Clay Travis Rip Jemele Hill For Her Role in 'Woke Sports'

Clay Travis: “Jemele Hill has moved beyond ‘Donald Trump is a white supremacist’ to now ‘any person in the entire country who votes for him is a racist.’ Your thoughts, Jason Whitlock?”

Jason Whitlock: “I wanna be careful and respectful but I have to be honest and just say that Jemele Hill is a simple person, and I don’t say that with much respect. If that’s the substance of your political argument, that I’m going to make this broad generalization about roughly 40-50% of America that you’re all racist because you support this guy is just a simple-minded thought. It’s a Twitter thought. I know it was popular over Twitter and got 100,000 likes and retweets out the ying yang. This is what social media and Twitter have done to America. It’s dumbed everything down that that kind of thought is celebrated and encouraged and it’s why we’re in this really unhealthy state here in America because those kinds of broad-based generalizations and demonizing of people is celebrated over social media and rewarded… She’s building a brand off demonizing people in these big and broad terms and it’s just dangerous. What she is doing is very racist to be quite honest. As a black person, I don’t want to be generalized, and I don’t want broad negative generalizations to be pervasive about black people. THAT’S racist. There are people that support Joe Biden who have bigotry in their heart, there are people who support Donald Trump who have bigotry in their heart, but there are people who support both of these guys for a wide variety of reasons that go well beyond their positions on race. Anyone with a modicum of understanding of human nature and human interaction knows that. We live in this world of ‘click hate’ and ‘can I say something that inspires hatred and emotion' and she’s done it and was trending all day Sunday. It’s comical to me that these people who love to demonize Trump, love to behave just like they accuse Trump of behaving. It’s a sad time we’re living in.” (Full Audio Above)

Listen to Jason Whitlock and Clay Travis discuss ESPN sportscaster Jemele Hill’s viral tweet made over the weekend that said ‘If you vote for Donald Trump, you are a racist. You have no wiggle room’, and why it’s comical that Twitter embraces such baseless ‘click hate’ based on deliberately provocative statements.

Check out the full interview above as Whitlock explains why Hill’s divisive tweets that are bred from dangerously broad generalizations make 2020 a ‘sad time we’re living.’

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