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Top 10 Things Every Fan Must Do Before Sports Return This Week

10 Things Every Fan Must Do Before Sports Return This Week

Top 10 Things Every Fan MUST Do Before Sports Return This Week according to Doug Gottlieb.

10. “YOU. You need to fully stock your fridge and prepare. You need to load up that freezer with meat, you need the chips, you need the dipping materials, you need the beer, and you need the alcohol.”
9. “You gotta make sure all the stuff works. Do you have batteries?? Probably AAA’s, maybe AA’s. Can you imagine your remote is finally useful and the batteries are dead?? Go stock up on batteries, make sure the surround sound works, and get a new TV if you have to, they’re cheap right now.”
8. “Do a ‘Date Night’ if you’ve got a significant other because you don’t wanna get hit up with that on Saturday or Sunday. The good thing is most restaurants are shut down anyway.”
7. “YOU take the kids and let your significant other have a ‘Girl’s Night.’”
6. “Begin a new book. You wanna act like you’re coming out of quarantine like you’re some educated higher being. Pretend like you did something.”
5. “Go for a run. You’re gym might be closed, but get after it a couple days in a row because the caloric intake is about to pick up.”

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