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Clay Travis: Cancelling High School Football Will Have Catastrophic Effects

Clay Travis: “I was talking to Jason Whitlock the other day and he said ‘Clay, if this pandemic had hit back in 1984 when I was growing up in Indianapolis and living in a 400 square foot apartment with my dad, I wouldn’t have gotten a college scholarship to Ball State if I hadn’t gotten to play my senior year of high school football.’ It allowed him to go to college and eventually end up becoming a journalist, and having all the success that Jason Whitlock has had in his career. Whitlock credits football to being his pathway into a successful life. He used the football scholarship that he got to Ball State to give him the opportunity to have a great deal of success in his professional life…I think we need to be talking more about all the impacts shutting down school as it’s associated with high school football. High school is an extracurricular that gives kids all over the country an amazing lesson in so many different aspects of life.” (Full Segment Above)

Listen to Clay Travis make the case for high school not be cancelled this fall, as Clay highlights some of the socioeconomic consequences that will be triggered if an entire class of high school seniors have their college scholarship opportunities shredded with a cancelled football season.

Check out the segment above as Clay details why he thinks the pros from the season going on as planned far outweigh the cons, as Clay doesn’t believe the COVID-19 risks are as severe as some media outlets have led on, and greatly pushes for schools to be opened to all grades this fall.

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