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Clay Travis: MLB Alienates Fans When Players Kneel During National Anthem

Clay Travis: “The number one story today is not going to be what happened on the field, it’s going to be Mookie Betts taking a knee. Him taking a knee after signing the massive contract that he did is going to overshadow virtually everyone else in Major League Baseball… What baseball has to be careful of is the same thing that happened to the NFL and NBA. Teams, leagues, athletes, and owners are getting seduced by the idea that fans want politics on the field mixing with their sports. People on social media want that, but that the vast, vast majority of hardcore sports fans come to sports to escape the serious things in their life, and right now we have so many serious things going on in life right now that people want sports to be an escape… Major League Baseball is going to learn the lesson that the NFL did, and that the NBA will, which is you alienate a substantial portion of your fans when you decide to make political statements on the field during games, period. I don’t care what they’re for… Instead of people talking about what happened in the games last night, people are going to feel really strongly about what Mookie Betts did, and Betts is going to be become a flashpoint for many people. They are going to choose NOT to watch sports for the same reason they chose not to watch sports for Colin Kaepernick, or choosing not to watch sports because the NBA has become too political. The MLB, NBA, and NFL will recognize that their business suffers when they decide to embrace politics, and they are also going to realize that social media is not the real world, and the people they’re making happy on social media aren’t actual sports fans. That people who protested surrounding Colin Kaepernick back in the day didn’t watch the NFL, and didn’t wake up and watch 12 hours of football all day, they were just political, and used sports as a way to get to their political arguments. This is going to be a mess, and a bad look for sports, and will hurt their overall business.” (Full Audio Above)

Listen to Clay Travis explain why he thinks Major League Baseball is going down a disastrous path towards embracing politics, as National Anthem kneeling finally made its way to baseball on the biggest stage.

Check out the audio above as Clay details why Mookie Betts taking a knee was a bigger story than the return of professional sports itself, and says that the MLB is going to soon alienate a large portion of its fan base who flock to sports to simply escape the dreads and drains of their real life, and certainly aren’t tuning in to see polarizing political statements made during the telecast.

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