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The Real Reason Why the Lakers Are Still Not a Championship Team

Colin Cowherd: “The Lakers have a pattern. They get carried by Anthony Davis early and then he disappears and LeBron carries them late. That was good enough last night. Anthony Davis for the season shoots 53% from the field in the first 3 quarters, but he shoots 40% in the fourth and just dries up. Last night he had 32 in the first three quarters. You know what he had in the fourth? NOTHING… They got to figure out this Anthony Davis thing because for years everybody said he’s kind of soft. THIS is what people complained about. Where is he? Where is the dog? Playoffs is about ‘dog’. It’s about tough guy veteran players like Kevin Garnett, Dwyane Wade, Kahwi, and LeBron getting in your face. A lot of guys are talented, they just don’t have DOG in them. In four fourth quarters versus the Clippers, Anthony Davis has had 0, 4, 4, and 2 points. What the hell?? That is a problem and why I don’t consider them a championship team.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why he still doesn’t think the Los Angeles Lakers are a championship team despite Thursday night’s thrilling over the rival Clippers in the dying seconds of the game.

Check out the video above as Colin has severe doubts into the ‘DOG’ of Anthony Davis, and details why he doesn’t think that AD has the killer instinct to push the Lakers past a powerhouse like the full-strength Clippers in a 7-game series, as Colin brings up Davis’ pedestrian fourth quarters this season.

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