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Colin Cowherd: Why Aaron Rodgers Has Aged Much Faster than Tom Brady

Colin Cowherd: “Aaron Rodgers has become old really fast and I have a theory on him. When he broke into this league it was the physical gifts that we paid attention to. His arm, his mobility, his feet, and his release. He was PHYSICALLY special. If you look at Brady’s gifts they’ve been efficiency, accuracy, and pocket manipulation. They haven’t been physical and have mostly been academic. When your gifts are ‘physical’, your prime is shorter. When your gifts are viewed as ‘mental’, ‘refined’, ‘efficiency’, and ‘connectivity’ you age very gracefully… Aaron is going to be 37 in December. Damn, that caught up to us fast!” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why he thinks Tom Brady has aged much more gracefully than Aaron Rodgers, as both players, separated by roughly six and a half years, seem to be going in opposite directions despite Brady being 43 and Rodgers turning 37 in December.

Check out the video above as Colin compares Rodgers to George Clooney, and Brady to Tom Hanks, where the one with the physical gifts falls off much more precipitously than the one with the mental gifts.

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