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Chris Broussard Says Zion Williamson Needs to Lose '30-40 Pounds'

Chris Broussard: “I feel like they’re babying Zion Williamson because they know he’s fragile, but it’s getting to the point where it’s downright ridiculous. I know there are people in the league and in the organization who feel like his size, strength, and girth are a big part of his effectiveness, but I look at his history, and look at NBA history, and I say this guy has to drop 30-40 pounds to stay healthy… Charles Barkley dropped about 30-40 pounds when he came into the league overweight. If you look at Barkley in his prime he was just solid and big, not overweight. Zion got hurt in high school, he got hurt in college, he got hurt in Summer League, he got hurt in preseason, and he came off from three months off and into the Bubble and couldn’t even get through practices. Now he’s back and they have him on 3-minute burst restrictions. With all the torque he puts on his body, how in the world is Zion going to survive this? Not even Derrick Rose could survive it… Something is wrong when the guy is 20-years-old and we’re load managing him from Day 1 and there’s really no clear injury.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Chris Broussard explain to Colin Cowherd why he thinks rookie phenom Zion Williamson needs to ‘lose 30-40 pounds’ to remain in the NBA, as Broussard discusses Zion’s mysterious ‘minutes restriction’ that has limited him to just 28 minutes per game in 22 contests.

Check out the video above as Broussard details why he fears Zion will be the next Derrick Rose.

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