Clay Travis Reacts to Breaking Story of Shootings at NFL Player's LA Party

Clay Travis Reacts to Breaking Story of Shootings at NFL Player's LA Party

2020 has been a wild year so far to say the least, and the breaking news during Tuesday's program was no exception. Clay Travis reacts to a story out of Beverly Hills, reported by the New York Post, regarding a huge house party that was reportedly thrown for an unnamed NFL player on Monday night.

There were reportedly buses full of people that were brought to the mansion, an Airbnb property that was rented for the party. Unfortunately things turned ugly, as 4 people were shot, and are reportedly in critical condition.

Clay cannot believe the stupidity involved. How can anybody, let alone an NFL player who is in theory following Coronavirus precautions, trying to remain healthy for the NFL season, be throwing a house party with hundreds of people in attendance? It's baffling to Clay.

The NFL player has still not been named, but if it is in fact a current NFL player, Clay believes that player will and should be cut! Unless it's a superstar, how can a team allow this kind of stupidity?

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