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Doug Gottlieb: Stop Saying Lamar Jackson is the Best Player in the NFL

Doug Gottlieb: “I don’t know how you can possibly put anyone number one besides Patrick Mahomes… There’s a respect for the Ravens and a respect for Lamar Jackson that I get, but we’re doing this thing again. Cam Newton in 2016 was voted number one in the same poll after his team went 15-1 and they lost in the Super Bowl. In the playoffs he didn’t play great and in the Super Bowl he was atrocious and it showed his limitations. I don’t believe they beat a single team all season with an above-.500 record… This is a joke. If we’re just saying that Lamar Jackson is great, and with common sense saying he’ll get better then sure. That’s a reasonable thing. But those same things apply to Pat Mahomes… Players are doing what they accuse media members and fans of doing which is being prone to hyperbole and being prisoners of the moment… He has special talent but there are limitations to what he can do. He can still be wildly inaccurate. He throws an incredible deep ball, but stuff outside the numbers and underneath stuff? We’ve seen this style of quarterback get banged up, get hurt, and then have to be more of a thrower, and that’s when they get exposed.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Doug Gottlieb explain why he thought it was a ‘joke’ that Lamar Jackson was picked as the number one player in the league in’s annual ‘Top 100’ rankings, voting upon by the players.

Check out the video above as Doug takes offense to Jackson being selected above Patrick Mahomes, who has already won a Super Bowl, and a guy who is still far from reaching his maximum potential in terms of intelligence and savviness.

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