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Clay Travis: Fans Have a Right to Boo Players Making Political Statements

Clay Travis: “Some people are going to talk about the booing during the ‘Moment of Unity’. To me, that’s pretty easy to explain. I think it was Chiefs fans booing Texans players for not coming out for the National Anthem. I think that’s going to be way overplayed by the ‘woke’ media that is desperate to try and find something controversial about last night. I also think this – the First Amendment is a two-way street. We talk a lot about a player having the right to make a political statement, and the fans have a right to fire back at those political statements. There’s a lot of people who want credit for speaking, and then want to criticize others for speaking out about what THEY say. That’s how the First Amendment works, it’s a two-way street. I say something, and all of you have the ability react to it, and that’s the same thing for fans. All this ‘woke’ universe has been occurring without fans present. I think there would have been a lot of fans regularly booing the NBA if they were taking knees all during games with fans present. If the Milwaukee Bucks had suddenly decided not to show up for a playoff game because of what happened to Jacob Blake, there would have been rampant booing in the crowd, because someone would have suddenly walked out, grabbed a mic, and told a sold out arena ‘hey, the Bucks have decided not to play today because they’re upset about the 15-second Jacob Blake video’, which would have gotten even worse when more details came out. The Jacob Blake story just kind of vanished when people realized ‘hey, wait a minute, the reason police were there is because this guy was wanted for felony sexual assault and a Black woman was terrified of him and called the police to provide safety for her…’ If players had not come out and fans had been present, I think they would have booed like crazy, and that’s the right of fans. Fans have the right to point out that they disagree with you turning a sporting event into a social statement.” (Full Segment Above)

Listen to Clay Travis discuss the pregame festivities in the NFL’s season opener during Thursday Night Football which featured Chiefs players standing for a ‘Moment of Unity’, to which was controversially met by a smattering of boos at Arrowhead Stadium.

Clay says he thinks the fans were booing the fact that the Texans stayed in the locker room during the National Anthem, and weren’t booing the ceremony itself, but also says fans have every right to boo athletes trying to make a political statement that they disagree with during a sporting event, and says people are forgetting that the First Amendment is a two-way street.

Check out the segment above.

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