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Clay Travis: Novak Djokovic Line Judge is a ‘Loser’ Who Oversold Her Injury

Clay Travis: “Is this the biggest loser performance we have ever seen? First, she should have gotten out of the way and not gotten hit by the ball, and secondly, she acted like she got hit by an actual bullet as opposed to a tennis ball that wasn’t hit that hard. If she just acts normal, is Novak Djokovic still playing in the US Open? She looked like she was trying to draw a penalty kick in soccer. This might have been the most ridiculous officiating decision I have ever seen. He lightly hit the ball. Anybody with any sense of ability to know what was going on could have easily dodged that ball. She got hit by a tennis ball, it’s not like we’re talking about Chris Kyle lining up in Iraq picking off someone from a building… This was such a minor thing and makes tennis look bad… This was such an insane exaggeration and it felt like I was watching WWE or a flop in soccer.” (Full Segment Above)

Listen to Clay Travis discuss Novak Djokovic’s shocking exit from the 2020 US Open, that saw the top seed and overwhelming favorite get disqualified from the tournament after he inadvertently struck a line judge in the throat with a ball before his serve.

Check out the segment above as Clay details why he thinks this was an ‘insane exaggeration’ from tennis officials to DQ one of the best players of all time for an injury that looked more like a soccer flop, than a serious incident.

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