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Doug Gottlieb: Defenses Have Started to Figure Out Lamar Jackson

Doug Gottlieb: “I’m concerned about his body’s ability to stand up to all those hits, and the more he throws, the routes have to get more complex. They will adjust to it as people have adjusted to this style of play or some form of it in the past… It’s kind of like the second time through the lineup in baseball. Hitters start to figure out pitchers, and that’s kind of what we’re getting here. The defenses across this league are set to stop the more traditional offenses, not what Baltimore is running. Many teams are not built to stop or slow down this kind of style. In 2019 he was 9th in completion percentage, 13th in yards per attempt, 1st in QBR, and had 288 total yards per game. In a smaller sample size in 2020, he’s 23rd in completion percentage, 24th in yards per attempt, 13th in QBR, and has 236 total yards per game. This is a season, for the most part, that offenses have been ahead of defenses, and yet Baltimore's offense is not as good or as sharp as it was last year. It has a little bit to do with his knee, but teams are adjusting to his style. They’re not as dynamic running the football, and he is not as dynamic running the football. They’re trying to make him throw to the those small windows outside the numbers, and underneath stuff, instead of giving away the deep shots to Hollywood Brown the way they did last year as they were adjusting to this style. The league is going to adjust to anyone who puts up ridiculous MVP numbers, and you’re not going to keep growing exponentially at that rate, but the problem for me is the rank against his peers, the accuracy issues, the chance that the knee gets gimpy, and in a year where EVERYONE else is putting up these obscene numbers, their offense has been just okay.” (Full Segment Above)

Listen to Doug Gottlieb explain why he thinks Lamar Jackson has greatly regressed in 2020, as Jackson’s encore to his MVP season of 2019 has seen his numbers drop across the board despite the rest of the league experiencing record highs in offensive statistics.

Check out the segment above as the worries and concerns that Gottlieb tried to present last season before being muffled and dismissed as a ‘Lamar Jackson hater’, have started to creep back to the forefront.

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