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Rob Parker Says Michigan Needs to Fire Jim Harbaugh

Rob Parker Says Michigan Needs to Fire Jim Harbaugh

Chris Broussard: “USA Today ran a list of the highest paid coaches in college football and Jim Harbaugh was fourth at $8 million a year… Everyone in the top 8 besides Harbaugh has either won a National Championship or been to the College Football Playoff… If Michigan doesn’t at least get into the conversation for the playoff this year, do you think they should move on from Harbaugh?”

Rob Parker: “They should have already moved off him. He has not lived up to the contract, or what the expectations were. Being ‘relevant’ is good, but it ain’t that impossible that Michigan should be in the conversation to at least be in the playoff. When you go out and get a guy of his stature –– I get it, he’s a Michigan man, and played there, ‘Captain Comeback’ –– I get all that, that’s all great, and I’m not knocking Michigan for reaching back and pulling one of their own who had success in the NFL, but he didn’t go there just so people could say ‘Well, Michigan won 8 games and got blown out by Ohio State again, and lost to Michigan State, or Notre Dame, but I’m happy.’ People at Michigan and in Ann Arbour want to get to the big game. That storied program has won one National Championship and it was a tie. It’s become mythical.”

Listen to Rob Parker and Chris Broussard discuss Michigan Head Coach Jim Harbaugh’s job status at his alma mater, and debate whether they believe Harbaugh is coaching for his job in 2020 if Michigan has another playoff-less season.

Harbaugh is 47-18 in five seasons, including three 10-win campaigns, but he's 0-5 against Ohio State, and is 1-4 in bowl games, including 4 consecutive losses.

Check out the segment above as Parker details why he thinks Harbaugh needs to get lost.

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