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Colin Cowherd Adjusts His NFL Season Predictions After Week 6

Colin Cowherd Adjusts His NFL Season Predictions After Week 6

Listen to Colin Cowherd give his weekly ‘Colin Right, Colin Wrong’ segment, as Colin adjusts his NFL season predictions after Week 6.

Check out the audio above as Colin discusses a week in the NFL where the Packers were tarred and feathered by a suddenly terrifying Bucs team, the Steelers crucified Baker Mayfield and the Browns to make a gory statement on the hierarchy of the AFC North, Andy Dalton and the Cowboys were executed by a Cardinals team who made Dalton look like a clown, the 49ers got back to .500 and established themselves as a dangerous and legitimate threat in the NFC, the Falcons and Giants got their first wins of the season, and the Jets continued down a winless road to perdition that could ultimately become one of the worst seasons in NFL history.

Check out the FULL segment above as Colin looks ahead towards Week 7.

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