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PGA Player Makes One of the Greatest Shots in Golf History at The Masters

Jon Rahm just hit one of the greatest and most ridiculous shots in history during the practice round at the Masters. Rahm, who was celebrating his 26th birthday, attempted to skip the ball across the water hazard on the par-3 16th hole at Augusta National Golf Club in Georgia.

Golfers attempt the feat every year and most end with the ball sinking to the bottom of the pond.

This time, the golf ball bounced off the water three times before landing on the green. The ball took a perfect bounce over the lip of the grass and continued to roll towards the hole. Miraculously, the ball rolled all the way to the cup, giving Rahm the most improbable hole-in-one in history.

That wasn't the only hole-in-one Rahm made this week. On Monday (November 9), he accomplished the feat on the par-3 fourth hole.

Rahm is hoping he can get a few hole-in-ones when the tournament begins for real this Thursday.

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