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Why You Shouldn't Trust Seahawks to Reach Super Bowl

Colin Cowherd: “Russell Wilson is pressing and he’s trying to do too much. I’m not condoning four turnovers, but Seattle rushed for only 57 yards. Once again Seattle’s running backs aren’t healthy, and once again Seattle is playing from behind. Russell Wilson watches every single mobile quarterback that Seattle faces have their best game of the year – Cam, Kyler, and Josh Allen. Russell knows that , and knows when he faces a mobile quarterback that guy is going to have all sorts of career numbers. We think of the Seahawks as a Super Bowl team, and the Cardinals as ‘just entertaining’, but has Seattle become the Arizona Cardinals? A wildly gifted quarterback, kind of small, and generationally gifted player with a bunch of injured running backs, a defense you can’t trust, one big receiver, one speedy receiver, and an old guy – Greg Olsen and Larry Fitzgerald that are holding on but can still make plays. When I watch Arizona and Seattle I see the same team… I think there’s a secret sauce to beating Seattle, and it’s a mobile quarterback… Russell Wilson knew he needed 35+ points to beat Buffalo and he was pressing. If they get healthy it’s a very dangerous team, but it’s a ‘shootout’ team, and it’s generally hard for those teams to win a Super Bowl, even if you have Russell Wilson… ‘Let Russ Cook’, yes, but he shouldn’t have to be the waiter, the busboy, the owner, the prep cook, and the chef. He’s pressing because he HAS to, and if you ask a guy to do that you’re going to have some bad Sundays.” (Full Audio Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why he thinks the Seattle Seahawks are an extremely shaky Super Bowl contender, hours after their putrid defense gave up 44 to the Buffalo Bills, and Russell Wilson committed four turnovers.

Check out the video above as Colin details why mobile quarterbacks have completely obliterated Seattle’s defense, and why it’s made Russell have to precariously press to win shootouts.

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