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Jason Whitlock: Cam Newton's Haircut is the Problem in New England

Jason Whitlock: “Cam Newton, that dude needs to cut his hair… His career ended when Jerry Richardson, the former owner of the Panthers, got run out of the league. Jerry Richardson cared for Cam Newton like a son, and Jerry Richardson in 2011 when he drafted Cam, talked to that guy like he was his son – ‘hey man, no tats, no piercings, love your conservative hairstyle, let’s keep it that way.’ People were like ‘OH MY GOD THAT’S RACIST! HE CAN’T TELL CAM THAT!’ The guy cared about Cam the way a father cares for his son. Cam Newton needs to cut his damn hair before I’m going to take him seriously. I know people think that’s crazy and ‘what does his hair have to do with it?’ but it’s about a mindset, and it’s about being a leader. Cam Newton is not an NBA player, he’s an NFL quarterback. The standards of leadership, and the amount of focus it takes – any energy you're giving to your style of dress, hair, and all that other stuff, is energy you’re not focusing on the detail, and concerns for detail that you need to have at the quarterback position. Cam is sloppy and inconsistent, his mechanics were no good, he got sloppy at the end of that game carrying the ball in a loose fashion, it was knocked out, and he cost his team the game. Cut your damn hair, Cam. Somebody, maybe Robert Kraft, needs to be Jerry Richardson for Cam and get this dude in the right mindset. I think he’s got the wrong personality; it’s a wide receivers’. He has the talent to be a great quarterback, but he doesn’t have the attention to detail or the focus necessary.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Jason Whitlock on Outkick the Coverage explain why he thinks it’s time that Cam Newton cut his hair, saying that the increasingly flamboyant styling from Newton has negatively affected his mindset to succeed at the quarterback position.

Check out the interview above with Clay Travis as Whitlock details why he thinks Newton has never been the same player since former Carolina Panthers owner Jerry Richardson sold the team amid controversial allegations in 2017.

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