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The Real Reason Trevor Lawrence is Not Playing this Weekend vs. Notre Dame

Dan Patrick: “I got this from my college football source this morning because I was curious that Trevor Lawrence wasn’t going to be able to play. I thought it was 10 days that you had to stay in isolation. My source said this morning that:
‘The protocols are closer to 14 days. Ten days is in isolation, then gradual reclamation. Cardio is two days, then 50% participation, then 75% participation in practice. No way Trevor could step in and play the game this Saturday. That was probably Day 12, plus he knows what is waiting on the other side with the NFL.’
I think we were all under the false impression that the 10-day window – if he had mild symptoms on Wednesday of last week, and then I do the math, he’d be ready to go on Friday to play the game against Notre Dame on Saturday. But that is not going to be the case, and he’s probably going to take himself out of the running for the Heisman. He could end up with a couple national championships, and one of the greatest resumes that a college quarterback has ever had.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Dan Patrick explain what his college football source recently told him about the playing status of Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence. The Heisman front-runner who recently tested positive for COVID-19, was originally believed to only be forced to miss Clemson's game against Boston College and then be eligible to return for their showdown against no. 4 ranked Notre Dame, however Lawrence would quickly be ruled out again for a second straight game.

Check out the video above as Dan details why the ’10-day window’ that people were discussing last week in trying to determine the timeline when Lawrence would be eligible to return was actually a ‘false impression.’

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