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Rob Parker: NFL's New Diversity Rules Are 'Insulting' to Minorities

Rob Parker: “This is embarrassing and I feel bad for the NFL. I don’t look at it the same way as trying to introduce or bring new people into the business. These Black people already work in the NFL, the league is almost 70% Black. There is a pool of talented people who know the game, who should be hired on their own merits. There shouldn’t be this whole notion that you gotta coax people into doing the right thing. We have other leagues that don’t have that kind of representation that didn’t need those kind of incentives. After a while people just did what was right. Branch Rickey and the Brooklyn Dodgers put Jackie Robinson in, and then other people just decided ‘you know what, they ARE pretty good, they CAN play, and we CAN win’ and they started bringing people along… I’m insulted by the whole thing, and I would never ever take a token interview if somebody told me ‘well, they were already going to hire this dude, but you should just go for the experience.’ The Rooney Rule is embarrassing and this is the exact thing. You don’t need those things in place. If the players took it upon themselves and refused to work for organizations that didn’t hire or promote Black people, it would change. If you find out an organization has never had a Black front office person, as a player I don’t wanna play there, and I’m not going there as a free agent… I don’t expect a huge jump in numbers because of this.. I understand about giving people equal opportunity to stuff, but this whole idea that you gotta bribe somebody to hire Black people that make up 70% of the workforce, I just have a problem with.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Rob Parker blast the NFL after they announced newly instituted incentives regarding ‘Equal Opportunity and Workplace Diversity’ terms that would reward teams with draft picks for ‘hiring and developing minority candidates.’

Rob says the new incentives are ‘embarrassing’ and ‘insulting’, and says the NFL shouldn’t have to bribe organizations to hire Black people.

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