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Colin Cowherd: NFL Should Delay AFC Title Until Patrick Mahomes is Healthy

Colin Cowherd: NFL Should Delay AFC Title Until Patrick Mahomes is Healthy
Colin Cowherd: “We’re all jacked up for Rodgers and Brady, and then we got Mahomes and Josh Allen and we’re all… actually TERRIFIED that it won’t happen. I got nothing against Chad Henne, but we want Mahomes against Josh Allen. I’m sitting here this morning thinking if I’m the NFL and Patrick Mahomes is going through protocol, I find the day Patrick Mahomes can play and THAT’S when we play. Why not? To get Zion into Bubble the NBA rigged their playoff format. The NFL moved games all year long. The last time these teams played they played on a Monday afternoon because of COVID. After this game, you got two weeks to the Super Bowl, who cares when you play? Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, WHO CARES?? What you want is the best game possible and the best scenario possible. What we have learned in 2020 and 2021 is EVERYTHING is adjustable. The Masters, the most rigid sporting event in America moved their tournament six months to November. This is what you do. Mission Impossible 6, Tom Cruise breaks an ankle, they delay production. Got a ticket to Beyonce and Jay Z concert, they’re sick, do you see a backup?? No, they cancel it… Rodgers, Brady, Mahomes, Allen, let’s not screw this thing up… We got a great player, he might not potentially be able to play on Sunday – okay let’s play it Monday. You won’t watch? Sports, politics, entertainment… It’s 2021, you gotta do WHATEVER you gotta do, move WHATEVER you have to move to make it right… The NFL should figure out a way to get Patrick Mahomes in this game and I don’t feel bad about it for a second. In fact, if I was Buffalo? What a hollow victory getting to the Super Bowl not facing Patrick Mahomes.” (Full Audio Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why he thinks the NFL should look into pushing back this Sunday’s AFC Championship Game between the Buffalo Bills and the Kansas City Chiefs to better accommodate Patrick Mahomes’ availability to play in the game.

Mahomes left Saturday’s Divisional Round game vs. the Cleveland Browns with an unclear head or neck injury that has put his status for the game in question.

Check out the audio above as Colin details why he believes the NFL should do everything in their power to better Mahomes' chances of being available for this game and to adjust their schedule on the fly just like they did all throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, as for the first time in league history an NFL game was played every day of the week.

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