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Clay Travis: Kyrie Irving's Refusal to Play is Alienating NBA Fans

Clay Travis: “If you want to know why the NBA’s overall brand is tanking, it’s because of people like Kyrie Irving. You can criticize LeBron James for a lot – and certainly, I have – but he goes out and plays his hardest in the biggest games, and he’s committed to trying to win championships. Kyrie Irving is 28 years old and seems to have absolutely no knowledge of what the real world is like. He may be partying with Drake, he’s showing up on random Zoom calls when the Brooklyn Nets are supposed to be playing basketball games, and he doesn’t seem very committed to the idea of being a basketball player. That’s fine. Lots of people decide they don’t want to make a living in their chosen profession and they decide to move on somewhere else... Most of those people aren’t making $40 million a year, however, to play a sport. That disconnect from Kyrie Irving is going to look bad to most fans no matter what, but I think it’s on steroids and exacerbated to a large degree, even more when we’re dealing with economic uncertainty for tens of millions of people across this country. When you’re not showing up for work it’s hard to get a lot of sympathy out there from people who are either showing up for work every day and making a lot of risks and sacrifices in the process, or from people who don't even have a job. And yet Kyrie Irving playing basketball for a living, theoretically, cannot show up to play? Can Kyrie be persuaded to actually be a teammate?”(Full Video Above)

Listen to Clay Travis explain why he thinks Kyrie Irving’s bizarre recent exodus is a striking example of why the league has suffered dwindling television ratings the past year, as Clay believes the average fan is slowly feeling disconnect towards the players as their salaries rise, and their workloads fall.

Check out the video above as Clay details why Kyrie’s incognito excursion is damaging the league’s reputation and brand as a whole.

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