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Former NFL Team Doctor Diagnoses Health of Jared Goff's Thumb vs. Packers

Clay Travis: “How would you assess how Jared Goff looked, and what do you anticipate him looking like Saturday at Lambeau Field?”

Dr. David Chao: “There’s no question he was healthy enough to play, maybe not on Tuesday when Sean McVay made the decision to go with Wolford, but certainly by game time he was healthy enough to play. Why? Because they only activated Goff and John Wolford. If Goff was questionable in any way with his thumb they would have activated Blake Bortles… Whether he played well or not, or whether he’s the right guy or not is a different discussion, but as optimistic as I was last week about Goff being ready to go – and he will be ready to go and he will be the starter – but I’m actually more pessimistic this week… Goff with his thumb is less than 100%. He doesn’t have full mobility in the thumb. It will be even stiffer in the cold, and the grip will be difficult. The pins that he has in his hands will make it more difficult – obviously, metal gets very cold in cold weather. This is about a freezing temperature game, and Goff has not done well, glove or not, in these games. In the last two games he’s been under 50%, zero touchdowns, and five interceptions. He’s a California kid, obviously so is Aaron Rodgers, but he’s been out in Green Bay for 15 years.” (Full Segment Above)

Listen to former NFL team physician Dr. David Chao, who worked with the formerly known San Diego Chargers for 17 years, join Outkick the Coverage to give his prediction on how Jared Goff’s fractured thumb will fare in this Saturday’s Rams vs. Packers Divisional Round game in Green Bay.

Goff underwent thumb surgery on December 28th after fracturing the thumb on his right throwing hand in Week 16 and was not available the following week in Week 17.

Goff was planning to be the backup to John Wolford in LA’s Wild Card game vs. the Seahawks, but a neck injury to Wolford forced Goff into making an emergency appearance on the road in Seattle. He would go just 9 for 19 in the game, with 155 yards and one touchdown, but the Rams did win 30-20 behind Cam Akers’ 131 yards on 28 rushes.

Check out the segment above as Dr. Chao details to Clay Travis why he’s feeling pessimistic about Goff’s thumb injury a week after actually being optimistic.

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