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Colin Cowherd: Stop Making Excuses For Front-Runner Aaron Rodgers

Colin Cowherd: "Only one of the four quarterbacks was bound to get criticized if he lost. If Patrick Mahomes lost, well, he just got out of concussion protocol, he had an injured foot, he already won the Super Bowl last year, and we wouldn’t beat up on him. If Josh Allen lost – he’s a kid, he’s never been in a game like this. If Tom Brady lost –well, he is FOURTY-THREE playing at Lambeau. Aaron Rodgers was bound to get a little more criticism for losing. He was at home, he had the young and progressive head coach, he was favored, and he had the healthier roster. So now who do we blame? It can’t be Aaron! ‘Let’s blame the Packers defense!’ Oh wait, they had three second-half interceptions. ‘Let’s blame the dropped passes!’ Yea, except Brady had five of those too. ‘Let’s blame the head coach!’ Matt LaFleur is 26-6 and is a bum suddenly? Let’s not slow down on the FACTS. The defense held Tom Brady to 19 first downs, it was there for the taking. He made three second-half mistakes yet Tom Brady this morning has the same number of NFC Championships as Aaron Rodgers. FACT: In the last 15 playoff games for Aaron Rodgers he has 7 wins and 8 losses. He gets credit for ALL the wins annually, and never any of the blame. Brady wins THOSE games a lot, and Aaron loses those games a lot. It was there for the taking. At home, favored, a younger more progressive coach, and a healthier roster. Green Bay scored a touchdown, 28-23, then Tom throws a pick, and Aaron gets it back and ‘here we go!’ – THREE AND OUT, -5 yards, and punt. Tom then throws another pick and ‘Aaron has it back and can take the lead again!’ – THREE AND OUT, no yards, punt… Aaron this morning isn’t even the most criticized Aaron in Green Bay, it’s Aaron Jones… Let’s blame the corner – but how did Tom Brady get that possession?? Aaron Rodgers threw a pick. Rodgers was 2 of 9 in the red zone and forced it to Davante Adams, who he was 1 for 7 with in the red zone. That’s on Aaron, not the play calls. He had an opportunity to run that football in, it was right there, and he chose to air it out. Who are we gonna blame now?? This morning, Aaron Rodgers has the same NFC Championship record as Donovan McNabb… You become your quarterback and there is a reason why Green Bay is the anti-Chiefs. Green Bay fell behind and got tight, and Aaron got snippy. The Chiefs are loose, fun, risk-taking, joyful, and play almost better from behind. Green Bay does not, and to me that says something about the personality of Mahomes, and the personality of Aaron Rodgers. You’ve gotta ‘overcome’ in the playoffs… Aaron is a ‘BALLER’ with the lead and often a ‘BAILER’ when trailing, and the minute they fell behind it looked like a lot of Packer games in crisis when they fall behind. They couldn’t 'overcome'… I’m not saying he deserves all of the blame, but 7-8 in the last 15 playoff games, he damn well deserves SOME.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd call out the Packers fans and Aaron Rodgers defenders in the media who aren’t acknowledging the faults of Rodgers’ performance in Green Bay’s NFC Championship Game loss, and are instead, trying to manufacture excuses into why it wasn't Rodgers’ fault.

Rodgers finished the game with 346 yards passing but on 48 attempts, and was sacked five times to go with a devastating interception at the very end of the first half that led to a Buccaneers hail mary touchdown. His 66.8 QBR score was topped by Brady's 75.4.

Rodgers is now 1-4 for his career in NFC Championships and is 7-8 in the playoffs since the Packers won the Super Bowl in February of 2011.

Check out the video above as Colin details why it’s no coincidence that Rodgers and Green Bay always seem to lose these devastating close games on the sport’s biggest stages.

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