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Colin Cowherd Names the Eight Teams in the NFL's 'Clown Club'

Colin Cowherd: "There are five signs that you are moving into the NFL Clown Club. 1. You start to have a lot of power struggles in the front office, and a lot of ego. 2. Generally, over the last 7 or 8 years you’ve fired a coach – Andy Reid – who you look back on and go ‘he’s a lot better than the current coach we have.’ 3. The quarterback situation feels unsettling and handled poorly too often. 4. There’s an unhealthy level of arrogance despite brief success. 5. Increasingly, you’re not a great drafting team. So even though you’re a bad team with good picks, you miss on a lot of picks.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd name the eight teams in his NFL ‘Clown Club’ as Colin names all the teams that are currently the biggest dumpster fires in the league.

Check out the video above as Colin details why he’s adding another team to this sad group of losers.

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