Colin Cowherd: Philadelphia Eagles Wasted Carson Wentz's Career

Colin Cowherd: “Philadelphia got worked in that trade with Carson Wentz, and the story today is that they’re not going to give out the quarterback job to Jalen Hurts – he’s going to have to 'earn it'. Oh, boy… So you hire a young head coach, Nick Sirianni, who butchered his press conference, appeared incredibly nervous, unproven, and is going into a vicious and verbal city, with a quarterback competition… The Eagles have already capsized, and the offseason just started two weeks ago… Obviously, Carson Wentz WINS yesterday. He gets a better o-line, a better culture, a better GM, a much better coach, better weapons, and he gets a little better and younger defense… The winner in this is also the NFL… Carson Wentz was wasting his talent, and what you don’t want is Matt Stafford wasting his talent for a decade with the dysfunctional Lions… Carson Wentz escaping the dysfunction and going to a top 6 or 7 roster is a huge win for the NFL.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why he thinks the Carson Wentz trade was a huge win for Wentz, a huge win for the Colts, and a huge win for the NFL, as Colin says Wentz was wasting away in Philadelphia the same way Matthew Stafford wasted away in Detroit for 12 years.

Check out the video above as Colin details why the sport of football is better with Wentz in Indianapolis.

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