Why San Padres Fans Should Hate the Fernando Tatis Jr. Contract

Jason Smith: “I wanna say really nice things about how nice Fernando Tatis is, how good he is, how good he can be, and being the face of baseball – I LOVE Fernando Tatis Jr. – but this is a deal that just doesn’t make any business sense for the Padres. A 14-year, $340 million contract is what you give a guy when he hits free agency when he’s 26 or 27, like Mookie Betts and Bryce Harper, when you’ve shown things for a few years like you’re not injury-prone, you’re going to give them a certain number of home runs, RBIs, .OPS, you're not going to have a wild swing, you're going to stay in the lineup, and this is who you're going to be. THOSE are guys who get 14-year, $340 million contracts. As good as Fernando Tatis Jr. is he still has not played a full season in Major League Baseball. You locked yourself in for $25 million for 14 years for a guy who has played about 120 games. This is not when you give a guy like this money. You controlled him until free agency until 2025. YOU HAD HIM FOR ANOTHER FOUR YEARS! When he’s 26, has won an MVP, competed for the triple-crown, or he’s clearly the face of baseball, THAT’S when you give him that deal. I looked at and I went ‘WHY??’ You weren’t going to piss the guy off if you waited till 2024 to give him money.” (Full Audio Above)

Listen to Jason Smith explain why he doesn’t understand why the San Diego Padres just gave Fernando Tatis Jr., a player who has only played in 143 career games, a 14-year, $340 million contract, as Jason says a contract this fat should only be given to an established perennial MVP candidate that you’re already 100% confident will produce at an elite level for over the next decade-plus.

Tatis Jr’s 162-game average is All-Star worthy with a slash line of .301/.374/.571, with 44 home runs and 31 steals prorated out to a full season, but also with an alarming 194 K’s compared to only 65 walks.

Tatis has 39 career home runs in 143 games, but Major League Baseball has already announced they will be going with a less ‘juiced’ ball next season that could see home runs totals drop.

Check out the video above as Jason details why he’s stunned the Padres didn’t just wait out the next four years while Tatis Jr. would have been under bargained team control and actually saw what type of player this kid really is, besides making an immaculate $340 million projection that could poison their payroll.

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