The Real Reason Why Steph Curry is the NBA's Most Polarizing Player

Chris Broussard: “I don’t get why Steph is the most polarizing according to this study. If you said LeBron I would get that, but why Steph?”

Rob Parker: “I think it’s a combination. Just the fuss that was made over Steph. It was nauseating and it was sickening. I’m not talking about him as a player and that he’s not worthy of some praise or whatever he got. It was just over the top. ‘He’s a perfect guy!’ ‘He’s great!’ ‘He’s a got a great family!’ ‘His daughter is so pretty!’ Do you remember all the shots of his daughter at the games and at the press conferences? I’m not knocking her, I’m just telling you why people have pushed back on Steph. I think he’s gotten so much love that people automatically were just – ‘NOBODY is that good’, ‘NOBODY is that perfect’. ‘Oh, well he’s the son of a former basketball player!’ who was pretty darn good in the NBA. ‘He’s had this great life, his wife is a chef, he’s got the cute kid, and he changed the game!’ I think that’s the pushback. I don’t think it’s anything that Steph has done, but that’s what was coming out, and I think that’s what people pushed back on. It could have been someone else in the same exact vein, where they paint this great picture, and people just go ‘ain’t nobody got that life.’” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Chris Broussard and Rob Parker discuss a recent report that tracked all NBA player-related tweets from October 2020 to January 2021, and revealed that Steph Curry had the second-most positive tweets of any player, but also the most negative tweets as well – making him effectively the league’s most polarizing player.

Check out the video above as Rob and Chris debate why they believe Steph incites such a reaction from NBA fans – both negative and positive – and also hear from callers on why they think cynics and trolls always seem to gravitate towards him.

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