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Clay Travis Rips LeBron For Not Denouncing China's Human Rights Violations

Clay Travis: “Effectively what is going on with the NBA’s relationship with China is the NBA is taking money from modern-day Nazis. That’s what going on in China. People talk about being on the ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ side of history, so let me be clear on this. If we were going to analogize any country today with Nazi-Germany, China would be that country. The United States rarely labels any country to have committed genocide. This is not partisan… What the NBA is doing is effectively the equivalent of taking Nazi money and not saying a word about what’s going on in the country. They have concentration camps in China right now. You’ve got NBA players that are walking off the court and refusing to play, and putting social justice warrior slogans on their jerseys for things going on in the United States that are a scintilla as awful as what’s going on in China. While they will rip America to the high heavens, they won’t say a word to condemn Chinese genocide, and the taking away of basic human rights that are going on in Hong Kong and the ending of democracy. They won’t say a word because they are taking money from China and putting it right into their pockets. LeBron James wants to claim that he’s a ‘hero’. Do you know why LeBron won’t say a word about Chinese genocide? Because he wants ‘Space Jam 2’ to play in Chinese theaters. LeBron is basically fine with modern-day Nazis so long as they let his movie in that country… Think about everything you know about World War 2. Everybody in the NBA is obsessed with telling you about the ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ side of history. Imagine what people would say about many different American sports figures if they had been fine with taking money from Nazis, and not have said a word to them so that their movies could play in Berlin so Adolf Hitler could continue to give them money? That’s what’s going on right now with the NBA. It just happened in China – they said that being gay is a ‘mental illness’ and no NBA player says a word. They pulled the All-Star Game out of North Carolina because in North Carolina they had a bill saying you should use the bathroom of your gender, but no NBA player will even say a word about China saying ‘being gay is a mental illness.’ If you are going to decide to be a ‘WOKE’ corporation, then you need to apply the standard of woke-ness no matter where you are around the world. You can’t take money from Nazis and celebrate your relationship with China while denigrating everything in American life.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Clay Travis rip LeBron James and the NBA for their continual desires to tackle social justice initiatives, but then conveniently stay silent on the egregious human rights violations going on in China at the moment, while the league and its best players continue to pocket millions of dollars from the intolerant country.

Check out the video above as Clay details how the NBA is shamelessly tapping into the bottomless Chinese consumer base, while effectively ‘taking money from modern-day Nazis’ and refusing to condemn their genocidal actions.

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