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Clay Travis: 'Woke' Sports Media is Trying to Ignore Deshaun Watson Story

Clay Travis: “This is probably the most under-covered story that potentially has a massive impact that I have seen in a very long time in the NFL. It’s not even a lead story in most places because it doesn’t fit the preferred dynamic of figuring out exactly who is to blame, so most people in the sports are pretending this story doesn’t exist… These are the most serious sexual assault allegations that I can ever remember being levied against any NFL player in modern history… One reason this story is receiving almost no sports media attention is because it doesn’t fit easy identity politics criteria… What happens when two victim-laden ideologies collide, your typically woke sports media doesn’t know how to cover it because they're going to alienate one side of the equation in the victimization pyramid if they pick a side. If you say ‘#BelieveAllWomen’, then you’re not believing a Black man who plays quarterback. If you believe the Black man who’s playing quarterback then you’re saying ‘wait a minute, I don’t actually believe all women.’ There’s no narrative that can be grabbed because the person people want to blame is not as easy to blame as normal… Think about the way that Peyton Manning’s alleged ‘mooning’ was covered by ESPN when it became a big story… EPSN covered that incident 20 years after Peyton Manning had been an athlete at the University of Tennessee like it was Watergate. They put all of their investigative reports on it, and covered it for days. Think about what they did just recently with Drew Brees when Brees had the audacity to say he stood for the National Anthem to show respect for his two grandfathers who fought in World War 2, and he thought kneeling was disrespectful. Based on the way ESPN covered him, you would have thought Drew Brees had come out in favor of ISIS… I’ve got a homework assignment for you. Find one ESPN analyst who is aggressively saying he or she ‘#BelievesAllWomen’ in the wake of this huge Deshaun Watson mess… So much of your current sports universe is based on false narratives, it’s based on victim culture, and it’s based on far left-wing extremists taking over the sports world from the 85-90% of people who love sports because it’s the ultimate meritocracy… The precedent that the NFL has set using Ezekiel Elliott as a recent example makes it highly likely that Deshaun Watson, regardless of whether criminal charges were brought or not, is likely to miss a huge portion of the 2021 football season, and potentially all of it.” (Full Segment Above)

Listen to Clay Travis discuss the rapidly developing Deshaun Watson sexual assault saga and why believes the ‘woke’ sports media is quietly trying to brush the accusations under the rug because it doesn’t fit their usual narrative.

Clay compares the current Watson coverage, which now includes two dozen women alleging sexual misconduct, to the Peyton Manning ‘mooning’ coverage that occurred after the Broncos won the Super Bowl over Carolina in 2016, saying ESPN acted like the almost 20-year-old allegations against Manning at the University of Tennessee was ‘Watergate’, and yet they haven’t made Watson’s mounting sexual assault charges the lead story of all their television programs.

Check out the video above as Clay details why he believes it’s a clash of identity politics and not a part of an agenda that the ‘far left-wing’ sports media is accustomed to pushing, and thus won't be covered like a major news story on their platforms.

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