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Colin Cowherd Drops New NFL Mock Draft After Friday’s Blockbuster Trades

Watch Colin Cowherd drop his impromptu 2021 NFL Mock Draft just moments after Friday’s blockbuster trades between the Dolphins, 49ers, and Eagles that saw the three teams make a gargantuan shakeup in the draft order.

1. Jaguars – Trevor Lawrence

“This is the only thing we know for sure. TREVOR LAWRENCE. He regionally fits, he was heralded as the best high school quarterback in a decade three years ago and he’s just gotten better. It’s a lot of Justin Herbert. He can run, he’s smart, he’s got self-awareness, and he’s got a better arm. He played with better people than Justin Herbert, but he was also winning National Championships while Herbert was winning the Rose Bowl. This is a no-brainer. Some people think he’s a little thin, but folks, he’s fine, he throws a beautiful ball.”

2. Jets – Zach Wilson

“My guess is that they’re going to move Sam Darnold. I’ll go with Zach Wilson. Zach Wilson can run and he’s got a whip. I do worry about he didn’t beat good teams in college, but if you’re Joe Douglas you get four years of a cheap quarterback. Robert Saleh wants his OWN guy. It’s a battle in New York for eyeballs. The Giants went all-in in free agency, Brooklyn is winning in the NBA, and the Yankees are going to be a World Series favorite. Sam Darnold is a little flat right now in New York.”

3. 49ers – Trey Lance

“I don’t have any insight on which guy they like, but I’m going to roll the dice and say Trey Lance. Trey Lance is very mobile, big, strong, good kid, very humble, and Kyle Shanahan has mostly had quarterbacks that don’t move, and I think he likes the idea of having a big and strong kid who CAN move. Lance also called all of his own protections in college so he’s a very heady kid. This is a very complex offense. I’m going Trey Lance number three.”

For picks 4-12, check out the FULL video above.

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