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Colin Cowherd Ranks the Top 5 NBA Players He Would Build Around RIGHT NOW

Watch Colin Cowherd countdown his rankings of the top 5 players in the NBA he would build a team around RIGHT NOW.

5. Jimmy Butler

“He’s 31 and it’s pretty simple; he’s the third-best defensive player in the league behind Rudy Gobert and LeBron. He does it on both ends, he’s a culture-changer, and he got a Miami team with a bunch of kids to the Finals last year. That’s impressive. He got them to play defense, and it’s not a roster with a ton of great defensive players. He’s having a career year in rebounds, assists, field goal percentage. I was out on him for a long time and thought he was a little bit of a malcontent and a flake, and it’s like he went to Miami and all he needed was structure. It’s like what I’ve said about Odell Beckham Jr. He was fine at LSU and the Giants when they had Coughlin. But OBJ needed STRUCTURE, and when Jimmy Butler gets structure, he’s GREAT.”

Check out the video above to find out what players are number 4 through 1 in Colin’s rankings.

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