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Colin Cowherd Tells You Why USC Has a Great Shot to Beat Top-Seeded Gonzaga

Why USC Has a Great Shot to Upset Undefeated Gonzaga
Colin Cowherd: “USC is not a great matchup for Gonzaga. First of all, they held Oregon last night to 38% shooting. They held Kansas to 29% shooting. They held Drake to 29% shooting. They’re going to give Gonzaga real troubles. They’re going to slow it down -- I saw teams do this with 'Phi Slamma Jamma' and those Chris Mullin/Mark Jackson St. John’s teams. They’re going to slow it down and they’re not going to give Gonzaga any freebies at the rim. They’re going to bat that stuff away. They’ve got NBA bigs and they’re longer than Gonzaga. Gonzaga LOVES playing with tempo and USC is going to slow this puppy down. There’s nothing like Evan Mobley left in the tournament. He’s got a little Chris Bosh in him and he’s just great. He’ll be the second or third player taken in the Draft… I think USC is going to give them REAL problems. This game has a chance to be the best game of the tournament… I think Gonzaga/USC is a chance for an upset. I’m not calling it, but I think it’s a really fascinating matchup. USC’s defense right now is suffocating everybody. They took Oregon completely out of their offense and Oregon is a really good basketball team and a really well-coached basketball team." (Full Audio Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd preview Tuesday night’s highly anticipated Gonzaga vs. USC Elite Eight game in the West Regional Final, and detail why he thinks the red hot Trojans will have a legitimate chance of knocking off an undefeated Gonzaga team who has seemed almost unbeatable for the duration of the season.

Check out the audio above as Colin explains why he thinks this showdown could be the best game of the entire NCAA Tournament.

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