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The Best-Case and Worst-Case Scenarios For Deshaun Watson Amid Sex Scandal

The Best Case and Worse Case Scenarios For Deshaun Watson Amid Sex Scandal

Producer: “What do you think is the best-case scenario for Deshaun Watson, and what would be the absolute worst-case scenario?”

Clay Travis: “The best-case scenario for Deshaun Watson is that all of these women are lying. There is almost a zero percent chance of that occurring, but if that were to occur, then those women should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law because women who are actual sexual assault victims are not believed because there is a small segment of the population that lies about incidents such as these. For instance, Duke lacrosse… That entire story was based on a women’s lie. When someone is caught in a lie then there is a natural inclination to not believe people going forward. I don’t think that’s very likely. I think the best-case scenario is he misses half of the season on an NFL suspension and has to pay millions of dollars to these women, and forever has his overall name tarred in its association with these allegations. The worst-case scenario is Deshaun Watson goes to prison for sexual assault, and never ever plays football again for the rest of his life. I think that is in-play. I would hazard to try and associate percentages on it, but this is just a really difficult scenario to play out. I’m inclined to think that it's going to be hard for there not to be criminal charges at some point levied in this case just based on the sheer number of the people who are out there making allegations.” (Full Audio Above)

Listen to Clay Travis, a licensed lawyer in the U.S. Virgin Islands and Tennessee, give his ‘best-case' and ‘worst-case' scenarios for Deshaun Watson, as Clay predicts the possible outcomes from the two dozen sexual assault allegations he currently has levied against him.

Check out the audio above as Clay details what he believes has to happen for the defense to effectively ‘win’ this legal battle for one of the league’s best quarterbacks, and to salvage and potentially save his NFL career.

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